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Your convenient source for finding and contacting the public college or university in your area that provides the business services you need.

What is the Business Support Services database and how does it work?

Oklahoma's higher education system is committed to growing Oklahoma businesses as well as recruiting companies to the state. The online searchable database of business resources available at Oklahoma's colleges and universities demonstrates our commitment to businesses' success. The Business Support Services database is a handy informational tool that is both simple to use and thorough. The business support services range from tools to help people start a business or expand their customer base to customized corporate training programs. Customers can search for a particular service by type of service, by city and proximity to a city, and by institution and region of the state. Ideally, a customer's search results will direct them to the college or university with the business resource that fits their need.

Individuals wanting to start a business, businesses needing a particular service, and economic developers searching for the perfect location are the targeted customers for the database. After selecting all the desired criteria and running the search, the results are shown on the screen and are available in two additional formats – a grid and exportable Excel spreadsheet. The database is provided by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education as a mechanism to locate the available business support services at the various colleges and universities in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.

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